Discover Sutivan


On Brač, the largest Croatian olive and stone island, lies a small, serene and peaceful village called Sutivan. Sutivan is a wonderfully charming place and happily welcomes visitors to explore all its hidden treasures. There is no noise, traffic and rush to distract guests from experiencing the authentic smell and colour of Dalmatian cuisine and idyllic local living.

The intoxicating smell of pine trees and the sound of waves on the beach invite weary travellers to rest in the shade of a tamarisk tree. Song of crickets and warm wind will make you want to immediately dive into the clearest sea in the world. In the evening, when the sky is covered with stars, Sutivan entices you to try delicious Dalmatian cuisine specialties or or have a refreshing drink in one of many bars along the coastline. If you look up to the night sky in the middle of August, be prepared for an amazing meteor shower known as ‘Tears of St. Lawrence’.

The people’s kindness, hospitality and diligence have made this place an oasis of peace and serenity. That is why Sutivan people happily welcome their guests and accept them as old friends.

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